pali language study

Learning Pāli is not necessarily any harder than learning a modern language. Of course it demands time and effort and the more you put it the quicker and more successful the process will be.

merely adv. 仅仅,只不过;只是

chant n. 圣歌;赞美诗 vt. 唱;诵扬 vi. 唱歌;反覆地唱诵   vt. 唱;诵扬 vi. 唱歌;反覆地唱歌

There are many ways to approach it. Some people wish to learn the spoken language in order to chant. And some wish merely to be able to read the Pāli canon. My approach as a beginner is to stick to translating, simplifying the process as much as possible.

Now the student of Pāli, once they have progressed past the initial so called Pāli Primers, will face some major learning challenges. I started this blog to record my learning and also hopefully it will be a resource to help others as I highlight my solutions to the difficulties I've encountered.

Being a classical language, the student of Pāli is faced with learning many grammatical tables for declension and conjugation. As I myself, struggle to learn these table by rote I've tried my best to avoid the need to memorise them and instead focus on how the language works. Declension and vocabulary can always be looked up and by doing so I hope the tables and vocab. will become familiar through repeated use.