figma UI设计学习

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Research is the stage of the design process when you are discovering problems that need solutions and customers that need helping. Your primary goal is to get an understanding of a group or groups of people’s problems. You will be investigating to understand your customers and the context of their situation, especially as it relates to their problems that you are attempting to solve or offer solutions for.


Establishing a focal point

An important function of hierarchy is to establish a point of focus by giving your customers an entrance point to begin navigating your product and leading them to the critical and pertinent information. Before addressing the hierarchy of visual elements, understanding the importance of your content is key. You cannot start prioritizing the appearance of any elements until you understand what is the most important to your customers.



You can't emphasize everything. If everything is bold, nothing is bold.


If a brand's tone is intended to be professional — and not light-hearted — then a serious typeface that has a limited amount of decoration or extra flourish may be a good choice to imply that tone before a viewer even begins to read.
On the left, sans serif typeface Roboto. On the right, decorative typeface Almendra.

Roboto, on the left, looks cleaner and provides a sense of sterility, perhaps more identifiable with corporations. Almendra, on the right, is based on calligraphy, and doesn't represent the Figma brand appropriately.